The purpose of JSE is to contribute to the promotion of human health through stepping up the level of cardiovascular healthcare or health research by committing excellence to support the research of the cardiovascular ultrasound science and to educate our members about the patient care using the ultrasound, in Japan.

Japanese Society of Echocardiography

About JSE

  The Japanese Society of Echocardiography (JSE) is a professional organization of physicians, cardiac sonographers and scientists focused on echocardiography or the use of ultrasound for evaluation of cardiovascular systems. JSE has grown to the organization comprising about 5600 members since it was founded by Dr. Junichi Yoshikawa in 1989. He envisioned JSE as a society which could contribute to the promotion of human health by supporting cardiovascular ultrasound science, provide academic opportunities to learn patient care using ultrasound and achieve high-level of cardiovascular healthcare research.

  JSE has played an important role in promoting echocardiography across the country. To provide the world’s highest-level of echocardiography, JSE performs various academic activities. Firstly, JSE holds the annual scientific sessions in spring, where physicians and sonographers gather from all over Japan to present invaluable researches and exchange views with each other. In summer, the educational program called Echo Kobe takes place in Kobe. JSE invites prominent cardiologists from domestic and international institutions to provide a unique opportunity to learn the latest echocardiographic advances. In autumn, JSE holds another meaningful educational meeting in Tokyo. And JSE’s winter program is designed mainly for sonographers or beginner echocardiographers. JSE also has a certification program for echocardiographers involved in the structural heart disease practice launched in 2013. This aims to contribute to improvement of the results of catheter intervention through education of doctors by the special training program focusing solely on structural heart disease. Thus, many echocardiography educational courses are held to respond to the need for practical echocardiography. In addition, JSE publishes JOURNAL OF ECHOCARIOGRAPHY quarterly to present impressive researches.

  JSE also provides its certification service to give official acknowledgement to an outstanding sonographer who passes the examination and successfully completes the JSE certification program. This program has been attracting much attention since it was established in 2006, and the number of JSE-certified cardiovascular sonographic specialists is gradually increasing.

  JSE enjoys active exchanges with international cardiovascular ultrasound organizations, especially with the American Society of Echocardiography (ASE), the Korean Society of Echocardiography (KSE), the Asian-Pacific Association of Echocardiography (AAE) and the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI). JSE members are much inspired and stimulated by participating in international scientific sessions and experiencing the world-level echocardiography.

  JSE will promote usefulness of echocardiography. Echocardiography has a pivotal importance in the practice of patient-friendly medical treatment. The various kinds of echocardiography are available and the provided information is useful in many ways. JSE will continue to offer various opportunities and supports for pursuing academic and clinical development in echocardiography.


Junichi Yoshikawa, M.D.November 1989 - June 1995
Kunio Miyatake, M.D.July 1995 - March 2002
Shintaro Beppu, M.D.April 2002 - December 2008
Kiyoshi Yoshida, M.D.January 2009 - January 2013
Katsu Takenaka, M.D.February 2013 - January 2016
Satoshi Nakatani, M.D.February 2016 - March 2020
Kazuhiro Yamamoto, M.D.April 2020 - March 2024
Yoshihiro Seo, M.D.April 2024 -

Executive Board Members

Chisato Izumi
Yukio Abe
Tomoko Ishizu
Masaki Izumo
Shiro Iwanaga
Hiromi Umeda
Hiroyuki Okura
Hiroya Kawai
Yasushi Sakata
Masao Daimon
Kiyohiro Takigiku
Hidekazu Tanaka
Kaoru Dohi
Kumiko Hirata
Mitsushige Murata
Hirotsugu Yamada
Kazuhiro Yamamoto
Satoshi Yuda
Nozomi Watanabe

Journal of Echocardiography

Editor-in-Chief: Kazuaki Tanabe
ISSN: 1349-0222 (print version)
Springer Japan vol.1-vol.6 (J-stage)


Annual Scientific Meeting

The 36th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Society of Echocardiography

April 18-20, 2025
Yoshihiro Seo, M.D., Nagoya City University Hospital

The 37th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Society of Echocardiography

April 24-26, 2026
Chisato Izumi, M.D., National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center


33nd Summer Educational Programs
July 20-21, 2024
Kobe Hyogo, Japan

21th Autumn Educational Programs
November 2-3, 2024
Tokyo, Japan

29th Winter Educational Programs
January 25-26, 2025
Osaka Osaka, Japan

Young Investigator's Award Winner

35th, Hideyuki Hayashi
34th, Masashi Amano
33rd,Yukina Hirata
32nd,Masaki Kinoshita
31st,Natsumi Yamaguchi
30th,Hidenori Moriyama
29th,Shun Nishino
28th, Kenya Kusunose
27th, Nobuyuki Kagiyama
26th, Ryo Kamijima
25th, Kimi Sato
24th, Daisuke Sakurai
23rd, Kentaro Shibayama
22nd, Ayana Hioki
21st, Ken Saito
20th, Yoshimi Tagawa
19th, Tatsushi Miyazaki
18th, Kasumi Masuda
17th, Takuya Hasegawa
16th, Takeshi Uemura
15th, Kayo Katagai
14th, Akiko Iwata
13th, Hiroto Takeuchi
12th, Akira Ohshita
11th, Nozomi Watanabe
10th, Yasushi Sakata
9th, Masami Nishino
8th, Kazuhiro Yamamoto


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